Release Your Fears

Use this meditation anytime you are feeling fearful or overwhelmed.  Set aside 15 minutes to sit and listen to this recording.

Sit upright with your feet on the floor and close your eyes.
Take some nice, slow, deep breaths…
Now bring your awareness to your feet touching the ground.
Imagine, that all the tension of your day turns to liquid,
and flows down,
from the top of your head,
down your shoulders,
past your elbows,
out through your fingertips,
down your torso,
down your belly and hips,
down your legs,
and out through your feet into the floor.
Now imagine a bright presence in front of you.
This can be anything you consider Divine. (God, Mother Earth, The Universe, etc.)
Try and remember all the things you have been worrying about,
all of your fears and anxieties.
Things you have no control over.
Now I want you to imagine that you are holding them in your hands.
They can take whatever shape you like. A handful of words, static electricity, anything you like.
Once they are all in your hands, I want you to hand them over to the Powers that Be.
Let them go with your blessing, and take a deep cleansing breath.
Feel the divine presence taking all of your fears and replacing it with love, wisdom and peace.
Stay in this place as long as you want.
When you are ready, take a deep breathe…
Wiggle your fingers and toes…
And open your eyes.

Written by: Sarah Sorvillo, CH

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